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Do You Trust Me?

I wonder if she’ll ever give herself fully to me...
The water trickles down my back
The cold tile presses on my knees
Gathering your sweet nectar into my mouth
My lovely girl to please

My tongue longs to drive deeper
And yet deeper still
Your hands reach to assist me
Pulling me onto your hardened pill

Now I hold your cheeks for leverage
As your finger joins the song
I move down from your button
And your come, it lasts so long

You, always the giver
Wanting not to just receive
Yearns to please your lover
While dropping to your knees

You bid that I stand over you
All prone you now receive
My cock between your painted lips
As you beckon for my seed

You set your gaze upon me
Captured by your sultry eyes
Your hand and tongue join chorus
As you catch my cum mid-flight

We’re not close to being finished
You want me hard again
You lick and suck my cream up
Part two about to begin

“Do you want some more, my lover?”
Smiling you rise and turn around
And lean to face the marbled wall
As I enter, how sweet the sound

You diddle on your thimble
As I thrust hard in and out
We’re exploding now together
Our bodies crying in a shout

I dry you as we exit
Patting down your precious skin
I love your every curve girl
What a prize to win

I ask you to lean over
“Please let me have my way”
You hold on to the couch back
And seductively you sway

I kneel behind my lover
And ask you to give in
“Do you trust me?” is the question
All my hopes on you are pinned

You’ve given all you’ve offered
Yet one thing’s beyond my grasp
Will you yield to your lover’s wishes
Or protect your virgin ass?

I feel your body tense now
As I hold onto your thighs
I won’t proceed without your blessing
And it’s there the tension lies

I blow into your deep crevice
And smell the wonder of your sex
It drips, our cum co-mingled
As I lap up the excess

You’re clean before your lord now
I want to drive my tongue inside
You tremble as I’m licking
I hear you moan, I hear your sighs

I’m still nibbling at your petals
As my nose touches my goal
“Do you trust me?” again the question
Your fears not yet consoled

“I promise not to harm you
Only pleasure will I give”
I spread the cheeks before me
Your juices leaking like a sieve

With one last gasp you protest
As I lick your rosebud wet
You shudder and say, “Please don’t!”
I still can’t have you yet

Your delight has been to serve me
To please me makes you fulfilled
You’re wrestling with the tension
Soon my desire is your will

First tongue and next lubed finger
Slides into your tightest place
I look up to see the pleasure
And pain upon your face

The toy is primed and ready
But your fear has grown still more
My two fingers slide into your snatch
Then vibe up your back door

I turn it onto low now
I can feel it shake within your folds
Deep moans escape your parted lips
Your hips thrusting I behold

“Do you trust me, my lover?
Is there something you desire?”
“Fuck my ass, just take me!”
Her body’s now on fire

The invitation is accepted
And my cock pushes hard inside
I pummel your ass with abandon
Blind lust is now our guide

The tension builds with each new stroke
Pleasure’s come to the forefront
You grind your ass into me
As you ravish your own cunt

Never before have we felt such passion
Gratification off the charts
Pleasure’s great, so extraordinary
Yet what’s important is our hearts

Your answer to the question
Warms my heart and makes me humble
You gave everything that you could give
When your inhibitions crumbled

And this is how it all unfolded
That night our passion’s fruit was sown
I took everything you offered
Yet it’s me who you now own!

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