By Saga

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Tags: surrender, doubt, hurt, pain, soul, phoenix

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You were the sweetness in her heart, the pure and untainted.

The moment it changed, it tore at her soul.
You left scars, deep, raw and unyielding.

She trusted, she believed,
That maybe she deserved this,
That maybe happiness was finally hers.

It did not last.

Moments of doubt,
Hours of tears.

She was shattered and bruised.

With the screaming on the inside,
She was fighting to stay silent.

She stood too close to the fire.
At first, she did not feel
The blinding pain burning her skin.
All she felt was numb.

Until it struck her
Like a lightening from the gods,
Thundering in her blood.

Despair filled her heart,
As she realized once again,
She was not it,
She was not the one.

Was she destined to be alone,
To lie broken and unwanted.
Hidden from the world?

A crushed rose,
Forgotten and discarded.

Would she move on?
Did she want to?

Would she mend her broken soul,
Or accept her dark fate?

Would she rise from the ashes,
Like the Phoenix,
All sins washed away?

Does she have the strength?

Her eyes close
As she feels the chill on her skin.
The fear is gripping,
But so soothing. 

Then the silence.
The calm.
The serene.

She surrenders.