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Down In The Hollows

When everything seems lost and no one even cares.
At first I’m so depressed but then I get pissed and start to swear.

Anger is my defense it tries to protect my heart.
Though I still cry tears when each rude lair departs.

I spend so much time thinking and caring about others.
It’s starting to feel like instead of their lover I’m their mother.

I’m stressed out and tired and I just need a release.
A sweet kinky lover who always wants to give me a piece.

But instead I get men that just jerk me around.
Then when I’m the one in need they are nowhere to be found.

Has honestly disappeared in this troubled world?
It makes me so sick I think I’m going to hurl.

Down in the hollows of my wicked mind.
These destructive cravings bane me all the time.

Especially about the one that I used to always want the very most.
My lust for him has left leaving a bad taste in my mouth like burnt toast.

I guess I’m on the search again to find another muse.
One that is attentive with a much better attitude.

Guess that perfect match wasn’t so perfect after all.
I need to find a lover that will always answer my call.

But this hollow feeling I cannot seem to escape from.
I want a hot, sexy man that just makes me cum and cum.

Depression is unpleasant when all of your men have taken a powder.
Your fantasies all dry up but your heart is still beating louder.

As that anger rises inside because you have been done so wrong.
The walls go up. the barbs come out, someone will be stabbed before long.

Weaving all my words into a mean attack.
Calling out all the ones that honesty they lack.

I think that it is now time for me to be alone for a little while.
Until someone special proves to me that they can make me smile.

There is still a very special one who I call my slave.
His honestly isn’t in question and I think he’s not a knave.

Still when I need him he’s nowhere to be found.
I just really never know when he will be around.

Maybe I’m just having a great big pity party every day.
Trying to climb out of these hollows I just can’t find my way.

Reliability is a thing of the past it’s never here to stay…….

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