Downfall of Angelface

By Faethe

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Tags: heartbreak, hurt, sadness

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Heartache from the one that means the most...
Downfall of Angelface

Simple words exchanged.
"Are you person X, Angelface?"
"What are you talking about? NO!"
"Yeah right."
Feel the words, like a slap in the face.
He doesn't believe me.
He thinks I'm a liar.
He thinks that I would play with him, lie to him.
After all the years in this strange friendship that only two of understand.
Never quite defined.
Always swept aside.
If asked we are just best friends.
He thinks I would lie to him.
He thinks me cold and malicious.
Me, the sweet angelfaced buttercup.
My heart breaks, pain runs through my body.
Tears stream down my no longer angelic face.
This is the downfall of Angelface.
A fall from a heavenly place.
Into a field of wilted buttercups.
A thud and crack heard only by me.
My wings are broken.
My hair drenched hang weighted.
The rain falling from the heavens hiding the tears from my darkened angry eyes.
I stare off knowing angelface has fallen and shall never have her place again.
Angelface is gone.