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Dragon Of Glory

Dragon Of Glory

Love displays itself in the bond it makes, 
In ways that you might think strange and bizarre,
But love is love whatever shape it takes
And it makes us whole, makes us what we are.

Trampling along the pathway of Glory 
Came the Green Knight of the Island of Lies,
Leaving behind him an evil story
Of hopeless women and their painful cries.

Not knowing now he trod on sacred ground
On his raven steed with glowing red eyes,
He held his head high, and gazed all around,
He sought a princess to reduce to sighs.

Unknown to the knight the castle was near
Wherein he'd find she for whom he lusted.
With lasting regrets he always brought fear
Because his falsehoods were always trusted.

The lovely princess lived in solitude,
Except for her friend who stayed in hiding.
The knight came near with depraved attitude
To find a helpless damsel abiding.

This knight was using the words of passion
To bend the heart and soul of a conquest.
Training himself in poetic fashion
He worked to move her to his own behest.

And his words were working to mold her heart
To the devious depths he hoped to reach,
If she accepted the role and the part
That all his deceptions were meant to teach.

Our princess had lost her parents so dear
And had no true friends among those at court,
But still she was aided by one still near,
And this one she knew would not come up short.

Without her loved ones to help her decide
She failed to see the blackness of a soul,
And having no human friends to take her side
She had to let another take that role.

The princess knew whom to seek for favor,
She ran to the depths, down to the quarry. 
Seeking her dearest friend, her true savior,
The one adored, the Dragon of Glory.

Awaking once more to love and to light
Her dragon gazed into her eyes and knew
That someone had come who practiced a rite
Of darkest magic and cruelty too.

That was why she so trusted her best friend,
Because he knew her, she entered his nest.
Since she met him fear had come to an end,
The Dragon of Glory had found a quest.

Now was his time, his reason for living,
Now was the moment that he had wanted.
Seeking to help through loving and giving,
He gathered her up and moved undaunted.

With her on his back the skies he glided, 
Soaring above the landscape of Glory.
And the Green Knight, his hostess derided,
Knew not of the truth, his fate, the story,

For any who came to harm its princess
Would never again see their souls redeemed.
And thus we see there could be no redress. 
To dragons this land was revered, esteemed.

The Dragon of Glory came to a rest
Upon the courtyard, near the castle keep.
The princess called to the knight for a test,
If his courage and love he swore was deep.

Striding out with his chest leading the way,
Not yet seeing the Dragon of Glory
The knight prepared to win another day.
This would be short and this would be gory.

Roaring out his loudest of challenges
The Dragon blasted fire and brimstone.
The knight cringed, his face in greenish tinges.
The Dragon of Glory burned him to bone.

Listen my friends to the moral so clear,
Seek not to deceive a princess so bright
That she shares her heart with a dragon dear,
And lives and learns and soon sees love's true light.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © Copyright © 2012 - {2018} Lorenzo Abajos. All rights reserved. This written or audio or visual work may not be reproduced or distributed or published in any form without the express permission of the author. Send requests to

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