Dreaming Of You

By Bunny12

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You are alive in my dreams.

You’re in my thoughts, you’re on my mind.
I don’t think of you all of the time.

But when you do creep into my head.
I think of you and all the things that you’ve said.

You really are charming when you want to be.
Letting me see parts of you that no one else can see.

Your boyish charm is so very alluring.
You are so exciting, you are never boring.

Thoughts of you are so crystal clear.
It almost feels like you are right here.

I wonder if I can I hold out until it’s real?
Will it be the same how you make me feel?

You never fail me, each time is better than the last.
I get so hot and sentimental thinking about our past.

I just can’t wait to talk to you again.
You mean more to me than just a friend.

You live in my dreams there where you are safe and sound.
Where anytime I want your delicious ass I can pound.

Where we can both be who we both really are.
And to find satisfaction we won’t have to go far.

I really wonder what you dream of me?
And if you’ll come around and let me see.

I’m holding on to this secret world for you.
Anytime you want it our passions will brew.

Never forget that it will always be waiting.
It is all for you this thing that I’ve created.

It can lay dormant for as long as you need be.
I’ll keep it locked away but always ready to please.

It is such a comfort to me to visit that world.
But doing it with you makes me one happy girl.

Till that time you will live only in my dreams.
Where my imagination can hear all your screams.