By ThinkTwice

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My eyes were closed
my heartbeat slowed down
I rolled onto my belly
and I sank into a deep sleep.

A slight movement of the mattress
got through to my sleepy brain
but not sufficient
for me to awaken.

A feathery caress
on my inner thighs
a kiss on my knee hollows
a lick on my buttocks.

A hand sought its way
from my feet to my thighs
I moved in my sleep
and spread my legs a bit.

A gentle touch on my pussy lips
a kiss on my ass
two fingers spread my lips
a thumb finds my clit.

I sighed into my pillow
my lower body moved upwards
as if it moved beyond my control
giving access to my hungry pussy.

Suddenly my alarm goes off
6 o'clock in the morning, time to get up
my dream is shredded
by the reality of everyday life.