Eat My Dust

By Bunny12

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Tags: Kink, Perverts, Panties

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What do you boys think you are going to find?
Wake up and take note that I am one of a kind.

Other women just think you are perverted little freaks,
They don’t relish your special qualities or have what you seek.

When other men see you in your panties so fine,
They think you are just pussies and could never want mine.

They all know nothing about that kind of hot, salacious kink,
Their minds are closed off, negative thoughts are what they think.

We can be tight and have more than just fun,
As long as you understand you won’t be the only one.

Don’t jerk me around I am putting my foot down on the floor,
You will be a good little bitch if you want to get any more.

Because my kind of love is something totally unique,
I want to satisfy you until your knees are week.

I get off on completely controlling your body and making you hot,
The skill set I have should be valued instead of being treated for not.

Make up your mind with me it is so easy for you to win,
If you don’t I will be out of here so fast it will make your head spin.

Get real, treat me right and learn how to trust,
If you play with my heart you can eat my dust.