Ebbing Love

By SensualDesires83

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Tags: love, passion, desires

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Hearts pounding in unison
Becoming one in the moonlight
Passions released in the sands of time
As waves of ecstasy around us crash.

Sounds release as bodies of one
Mixing with the dark of the night
Emotions and desire sensually climb
From natures natural throbbing thrash.

Peaceful bliss together shared
Reaching heights beyond the stars
Mists of moisture prick our skin
As we gently rise and fall.

Heated moments from bodies bared
Leaving love’s tiny little marks
Roars of delight roll deep within
From flooding feelings rapid call.

Triumph emerges and builds inside
Rolling through us slow and fast
Mutual sensations travel forever
As they begin to make us numb.

Warm feelings start to collide
Crashing down with a blast
Senses tangle as one together
And we both commence to come.

Bodies now together wrapped
Feeling love’s ebbing tide
Passions shared between each other
That time can only freeze.

Hearts joined are now entrapped
Entrusting each other deep inside
Moments shared now in pure wonder
That God brought together delicately.