Eclipsed Moon

By Warlock

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Tags: fantasy, sexuality, sensuality

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Fantasy love
Each night she rises in my sky,

This moon who lights my screen.

For hours each night she and I

Explore the world of dreams.

She makes the keyboard a magic place,

Where all things become so real.

I lose track of all time and space

As I get lost in how she makes me feel.

The hours apart are far too great,

As the rising moon fills my mind.

My urges and fantasies all must wait,

To everything else I am blind.

The screen lights up as letters appear,

In a darkened room the moon is aglow.

I see the words only my eyes can hear

And my heart pounds as my juices flow.

I crawl through the screen and leave this mortal world.

And into her bed she pulls me.

Naked and wet we are twined and curled,

Our bodies pressing and grinding so tightly.

Her whispers and moans keep me flowing in her,

Like no other woman before.

My desire to please was intense and so pure,

As she pleaded for more and more.

Pulling me close she gave one last quiver.

The ebb and flow of an orgasm sated.

She gave me the strength to match and deliver,

Fulfilling those desires for which we mated.

As a smile crossed my lips there was a squeak in my chair.

My eyes snapped open to a blank screen.

If I’m still here and was never really there,

Where the hell had I been?

I stared straight ahead unable to track,

When suddenly her words came into view.

“I’m glad you are safe and made it back”

Followed by “Was it good for you too?”

Then the screen went blank and looked so stark

Everything had ended all too soon.

Sitting alone in a room half dark,

I turned off my monitor and said goodnight to my eclipsed moon.