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Laughing and teasing,

Light caresses.

Touches that burn my skin,

The scrape of stubble and the nip of teeth.

Goosebumps on my skin as a tongue rasps my nipples.

Firm hands grasping my ass, twined in my hair.

Fingers tugging my nipples, pinching and twisting, moving lower.

Brushing me, teasing my clit.

Pressing hard as they rub.

Reaching deeper, plunging into me.

Stroking, flicking against my core.

The feel of skin beneath my hands.

Lips meeting, tongues twining.

The washed silk smoothness of a solid cock beneath my palms, jutting into my belly.

The small sounds he makes as I play with him.

The moment when we need more.

The expression on his face as he enters me.


Fullness and slick sensation.

Harder, more!

Oh yes! Just there!

Now, NOW! #**!

Ahhh, slow, slow,

Long strokes that let me enjoy the rippling aftershocks.

Sensuous, languorous. Kisses and nibbles.

Hands running down my arms, lifting my wrists and pinning them over my head

More and more powerful thrusts.

My legs wrapped around his waist,

Hips matching thrust for thrust.

Pressure building,



He lifts one knee over his shoulder and


My leg drops and I begin to move again rocking my hips taking his cock in short thrusts.

I flip him onto his back

Begin to ride him.

Hands reach to cover my breasts,

Play with my nipples, guide my hips.

I lock my hands over my head and stroke his cock with my inner walls,

Enjoying the hands roving my curves.

He feels so good from this angle,

So thick and the thrusts go deep,

I love the feel of his balls slamming against me as I slide up and down his rod.

I reach back to cup them, stroking the base of his cock beneath them.

Feeling the slickness of my cum glossing over them.

I lick my fingers clean, and gasp as he rises off the bed beneath me,

Filling me making me shatter around him



I see in his eyes the moment he can no longer hold back.

He grabs my hips and pumps into me with a groan.

I slump against his chest as his hands drop and we lay together for a few minutes

Existing in the perfect moment of post coital bliss.

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