Erotic Desire-First Kiss

By ArtAngel

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Tags: desire, deep emotion, lost love

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'Erotic Desire-First kiss'

The burning desire within Mia escalates.
Flames of passion penetrates.

That which is just beyond her reach,
Here on this beautiful, exotic, tropical beach.

For Manuel, her sensual, soft body craves,
As her thoughts flow upon the waves.

She knows she must trust what's in her heart,
And let her mind and body become her navigational chart.

His heart she must retrieve,
Knowing the passion she will receive.

His provocative energy has no limits.
Mia's thoughts silence the spirits.

Doubts and promises,
Held in her mind like hostages.

Slowly he softly approaches her,
As the sunset becomes
Just a blur.

His magnetic personality,
Soothes her soul.
Becoming his lover,
Is her ultimate goal.

Ever so gently he takes her hand,
Easing her down upon the snow white sand.

His rippling muscles captivates her view, Dictating her hands to touch him.
But her sweet loving heart begins to frolic,
like winds on the tide without a whim.

Allowing her vivid
Imagination to flow.
Oh my God, she want to know,
Every desire he seeks to explore,
To be that woman he will always lovingly adore.

Her intriguing eyes,
Stare up at the skies.
Shivering with anguished bliss,
Deeply flowing into the oceanic abyss.

As flames of passion
Melts her undying admiration.
She sees thru his domineering persona,
Yielding to his temptation.

Mia's sexual body language is provocative yet pure,
Such mysterious, powerful attraction has no cure.

With a silent sigh she gasps for air,
Kissing him deeply
As his fingers softly stroked her long curly hair.

His tongue dances,
A hypnotic tune on her full sensuous lips,
With a lick and a suckle.

Softly tracing them with his fingertips.
Vulnerable and so delicate to his touch
She knows now, he wants her so much.

...To be continued.