Erotic Lovers

By techgoddess

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Sometimes lovers can be insatiable...
Erotic Lovers
Walking softly through the woods
Hand in hand two lovers move
Suddenly against a tree
Scorching kisses on her neck

Laying down upon a blanket
Blue eyes locked onto each other
Slowly stripped of all her clothing
Legs are spread wide for his use

Stifling moans in the lush forest
Tongues now dance a sweet duet
Swiftly entering and opening
Wet heat takes all he can give

Hardness ramming into softness
Bodies buck at furious pace
Hips grind rough in perfect rhythm
Screams of pleasure fill the air

Walking back along the path
Smiling lovers share a kiss
Up against a tree again
Creamy liquid streaming down

Driving on the highway fast
Fingers find her tight, wet hole
Thrusting hard till climax takes her
Little slut just begs for more

Fumbling keys unlock the door
Arms around each other tight
Body stripped for use again
Rope and chains secure his slut

Strong hands filled with ample curves
Nipples pulled and twisted hard
Stinging slaps connect with flesh
Leaving marks to show they’re his

On the table in the kitchen
Legs held high up in the air
Crying out with pure desire
Bare mound covered with his seed

Grabbing locks of gold and copper
Pushing deep inside her throat
Head held close against his body
Grunts of lust as he explodes

Standing in the steamy shower
Bending down to offer more
Forcing into unmatched tightness
Yet another hole well filled

Bodies resting for a moment
Soon enough they start again
Erotic lovers never sated
Joined in love and lust till dawn.