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Escapism of your Mind

Closing my eyes, and escaping to wonders that await.....
Escapism of My Mind

Time ticks away, as another year passes by
That yearning for comforting, sensual companionship,
That escapes, still out of reach,
To be touched, caressed, that make a heartbeat twice as fast,

Closing my eyes, taking me far away,
To a world free of pain, full of love and joy
Looked upon without pity, to never feel shame
To be welcomed, open arms wide apart

Laying naked upon a soft bed, feel of hot air across my feet
Rising slowly, up inner thighs, and across a chest growing tight
Blowing gently into my ear, breathing so warm and gentle
And whisper of words, "Relax and be free"

Soft skin, fingers spread, hovering across my own body so rough
Her touch, so pleasing, awakening my army below
Wet petals of delight, spreading across my chest wide across
Soft lips, wet, tender, connecting with my own

Lips apart, tongues caressing, sliding across each other
Soft, yet passionate embraces, connected to one another
Gentle groans, heavy petting, moans from just her touch
Sweeping back down below, to the sensation rising above

The wetness of her tongue, licking around tender gems
The gliding up and beyond, my proud soldier standing tall
Repeating, over and over, this first touch of lips down below
Locked around the length, soon throbbing within

Her head rising, lowering, taking me inside
That first feel of warmth, sucking with acceptance of her lips
Scraping across the tongue, deep back till it can't reach no more
Sloppy, slurpy sounds of pleasure, pleasing to my mind

Soft, ample cushions, brought down upon my chest
Feel of nipples so hard, erect, rubbing across my body
Offering me to take within, my own mouth for my first taste
Sucking, licking, enjoying, the wonders of her breasts between my lips

My soldier, down below, sliding back and forth
Across the greasy entrance to the castle, allowed entry within
Dipping inside, teasing the tip of swelling head
Lowering down upon my soldier, vanishing inch by inch

That groan of energy, "Ughhh!" as he enters inside
The gentle rock of sweet, tender hips, grasping tight for no escape
Moans pleasure the room, deep breathes of sexual enjoyment
The first time entered, fitting snuggly within

Bouncing, riding steadily, slapping of skin upon skin
Hands gripping on tight, of breasts so perky and firm
Sweet sounds, I wish to hear, from a voice so soft
"I'm cumming my love!", and the throbbing, gripping my soldier tight

Explosions, 4th of July, an energetic rip roaring send off
Confetti, sweet and sticky, flying free from it's package
Collapsing upon my body, my arms wrapped around her tight
The softness of her form, as she kisses me goodnight

Awakening my eyes finally, to the realization of my room
And the loneliness of my position, upon the bed, no one around
My minds escapism, into a perfect moment I want so much
Of a woman, gentle and tender, and that first time... I so desire
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © (c) All stories are fantasy and original pieces of work by myself, John Doe. Many are inspired by other authors story ideas but never copied, as well as porn videos seen online.

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