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Expatiate: to speak or write at length or in considerable detail; expound, elaborate

To My Sweetest and Dearest Love,

You think I do not love you,
I need to expatiate how I do,
So that you rest safe in the knowledge,
Of what stays in my heart.

When I awaken in the morning,
I stretch and yawn and ponder,
How you find the world this day,
And if you awaken doing similar.

You are my first thought,
After, "Bugger, that time again,"
I wonder how you slept,
And if I appeared in your dreams in sleep.

If I get the joy of talking to you in the morning,
Before the clock strikes twelve,
I am satisfied my day,
Can only go my way.

As I go about my daily tasks,
The chores, the rehearsals, the lectures,
You grace my mind frequently,
And stay around and linger.

The work day draws in to a close,
Though often quite late on,
But that is when I am happiest,
Though I'm happier when you log on.

I find my peace within your arms,
My soul sets down to rest,
The spirit that you show to me,
Often tempts and often teases.

We chat with friends,
We open rooms,
We act the friendly hosts,
Though sometimes we do appear as missing hosts.

Our special time it comes at last,
The time we are alone,
I take you close into my arms,
I open up my heart.

The walls that fell,
You broke them down,
You shattered them completely,
So let me do the same.

Your gentle arms enfold me there,
Into your arm embrace,
Your soft sweet lips,
Find their resting place on me.

First there is love,
Then we fuck,
Then we chat some more,
And then, we fuck again.

Why we fuck more than make love,
I really don't know,
When love is what we have,
Why settle for anything else?

This expatiation is truth and love,
And shows how I feel inside,
Even though I'm good with words,
With you, they run and hide.

Don't take this as a bad thing though,
Because truly,
A bad thing is isn't,
Just listen as I say to you, the words which here are spoken.

I love the way you laugh and smile,
I love when you are happy,
I love when you're talking to me,
I love you, don't you see?

You think that I am slightly blind,
My glasses are upon my face,
Though this doesn't mean if you were to leave,
I'd not miss your embrace.

You don't see what I see in you,
But you don't really need to,
This isn't about looks you see,
This is about what I feel in me.

If you were to leave me,
I'd shatter like shot glass,
There'd be this massive gaping hole,
Covered by some cardboard.

I know that they do fix windows,
But some get left for a very long time,
I'd rather you be double glazing,
And not just settle for fine.

When I say fine, I speak of music,
The fine after a da cappo,
The fine, being the end,
Not something fine.

So let love show through my expatiation,
That I really see where you are,
You don't need to try and keep running,
That thought is a little bizarre.

Here ends my expatiation,
I sign it off with love,
Though still I realise,
The detail hasn't all left my head.

So let us just act the sweet elaboration,
Continue to grow in love,
Let us find a happy feeling,
Look, there's Mistletoe above.



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