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Eye to Eye

You’re so sexy you drive me crazy;
Why do you have to be so lazy?

You just don’t appreciate me;
I’m always waiting around to see.

Pretty lies roll so easily off your lips;
You never follow through, you give me a fit!

There has never really been an “Us”;
You act all distant, I put up a fuss.

It is always the same old crap;
Wake up bitch, I have what you lack!

It could have been so very easy;
It takes so very little to please me.

Something is broken you just can’t give;
No one else knows, that is no way to live.

Keep it a secret, keep it locked away;
I am to the point I don’t care if you go or stay.

You make me just want to scream;
I feel cornered and then act mean.

What is going on inside of your head?
You haven’t listened to anything I’ve said.

I would always give you whatever you need;
All you can do is make my heart bleed.

I always have a sinking feeling in my gut;
That you will show up wanting to be my slut.

The magic has faded away for me;
But I still feel you watching, what do you see?

You need to come to terms with who you are;
It will be alright, we all have scars.

I hate you, I love you, I don’t want to decide;
I can’t think about it anymore my brain is fried.

I know what you have been through and I think it’s a shame;
But it all boils down to you have only yourself to blame.

I guess you don’t need anyone to hold your hand;
I hope you find what you’re looking for even if it’s a man.

Because I don’t think we see eye to eye;
You always leave me puzzled, asking why?

I guess I have to file you away with the past;
I need something dependable that will last.

To explore the exotic with no inhibitions;
When I say what I need, someone who will listen.

I guess I’ve finally listened to you, if I’m not mistaken;
The only thing you want is to have your ass taken.

While I can do that better than anyone else;
I simply need so much more for myself.

A friend and a lover, we quench each other’s thirst;
In a passionate lust we’re completely submersed.

I have always dreamed of having that with you;
But you won’t get real with me, you are never true.

I don’t want you to be cold and alone;
The chance I gave you, you have totally blown.

With one last breath I utter a deep sigh;
To whatever we were, I say goodbye.

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