Face Of Love

By Bobsadventures2013

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I wrote this for the woman I truly love; she wanted me to post it.
Your body next to mine, has such a calming effect, 
and extremely arousing, all at the same time.
When I look into your blue eyes, they draw me deeply in,
letting our souls unite, with the feeling we are one.

The feel of your soft warm skin, on my fingertips, 
as I glide them, over your sensitive skin.
Causing, a feeling of utmost desire; flowing through my entire body.
Your natural womanly scent, an aphrodisiac, I cannot deny.
It’s a drug, drawing me deeper and deeper, into my addiction for you.

I adore every curve, and shape of your wonderful body,
I cannot forget, the sweet sound of your hypnotic voice.
I feel it beckoning me, wanting me, closer to you.
In your arms, your legs wrapped around me, not ever wanting to let go.

Even the sweet sounds of you sleeping, makes my heart beat faster.
The way you lay there in my arms, so content, and so peaceful.
You are my life, my breath, and the reason for who I am.
The way I feel, I wish others could experience such wonder.

For since I have met you, love has shown its true face.
That face... being you.