Falling In...Passion?

By FierceAndFiery

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The inner ramblings of a torn heart.
It wasn't supposed to turn out this way.
Guess what, it did. Stop your complains.
I thought I had accepted what would come this way.
You thought wrong, and now you're in pain.
Why did no one tell me it would hurt?
They didn't, get over it and lie there with your face in the dirt.

I wasn't built to feel...
Get overĀ it, this time it's real.
Why does my stomach ache?
So you'll understand what's at stake.
I'm confused beyond all reason, beyond all doubt.
Don't go for the pity vote to worm your way out.

How many ways can my heart tear?
How many times have you told someone that life isn't fair?
How many people will try to wound me?
As many as it takes to let your emotion free.
Why can you all just let me be?
As fierce and fiery as you are, you need your vulnerability.

I won't survive it when my destiny comes to call.
You can't tell me that you're fine with it all.
It's best that I have no one to leave behind.
You're afraid to laugh, to love, to cry.
I can only feel hatred, pain, anger, fear
You're lying to yourself again, my dear.

How can I even want anything more?
Even you aren't certain of what's in store.
I am thinking of more than one....
That's okay, you will know who when the battle is done.
I may not be falling in love, but I can fall in passion, right?
Love, not yet. Passion will certainly get you through these nights.
So, I'm not quite so damaged as I would have believed.
I told you. So stop arguing with me.