Familiar Territory

By LauraLee_sugah

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The change in your breathing is barely perceptible as I begin to survey familiar territory.

My thumbs massage the arch of your foot.

I take your toes in my mouth and suck them one by one...

A faint moan floats from the distance as my lips nibble at the crisp hair of your calf.

Your knees form mountains under the sheets and I wriggle there in exploration.

My fingers lightly skim your thighs and spread them as I explore the most familiar territory of all.

My moist pink mouth nibbles at your balls

and my tongue ventures out to tease the skin just under....

then lightly rims that tender place

which spasms slightly as if to warn me off.

All I do is smile and continue just for a moment.

I have more exploring to do.

Your inner thighs are my next concern and I mark my path with bites that leave a wet and reddening trail.

Your moans are like music from a far away cantina where drinks and temptation are plentiful and sin is just a sign of life.

You cock is erect for me and the sight takes my breath away.

My tongue lightly flicks the crown.

The sheet is thrown back because you need to watch me as I explore....

to join me in this familiar territory.

One finger touches my face and traces my chin and the rush of wetness between my legs is released.

My tongue continues to taste you.

Your cock twitches and begs for more.

So I obey.


My eyes watch your face as I take you in my mouth






until my mouth and throat are full of you.

I hum lightly.

My fingers caress your balls,

your thighs,

your soul,

and I suck your cock as if it gives life.

Your eyes roll back

and I know it is time

to fuck you

and treat myself to this moment of exploration

that belongs to me....

just me....

Suddenly you grab my hair and pull me up to steal my breath with your mouth.

The expedition is now yours as your tongue ravages my mouth.

Your hands move to my hips and you slam your cock into my wet cave.....

The life lines created by breath and heartbeat become more secure

as we sing to one another,

flow into one another,


then collapse....

Resting in familiar territory.