Far Away

By Bunny12

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Tags: Distance, Slave, Horny

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So far away I just want to taste his lips;
Feel his weight on top of me pressing up against my hips.

Run my tongue down his chest to his big hard dick;
Suck it like he’s never had it and give his balls a lick.

I want to feel his lips and his hands all over me;
Let him transport me to a place of sexual ecstasy.

Feel his breath on my neck as he enters my hot cunt;
I know he will give me everything that I could ever want.

I want him so bad I can feel the heat building up;
I have a giant craving for my horny little slut.

My dirty little whore who always pleases me;
He is my sexy slave boy that I am just dying to see.

He is all the way across the country such a long distance,
But when he is oh so naughty he melts all my resistance.

Lick my pussy baby I will cum all over your face;
Then put on my thong panty the one that is made of lace.

Give him everything that my slave boy needs;
It is his horny ass that I am going to please.

Come over here sexy baby and sit down on my pole,
I will fuck you so nice and take your virgin hole.

You just wait one minute you are not done yet;
Suck my cock right down your throat and make it extra wet.

Can you taste your ass it is extra fine;
Get your legs up in the air because your hole is mine.

Playing with your pretty cock it is hard as stone;
Slide mine straight up your ass and listen to you moan.

Pull you closer to me grabbing a hold of your thighs;
I just live to fuck your ass and listen to your cries.

Groans and screams of pleasure as you cum so hard;
Your body is my playground I will always take charge.

We burn up the wires on the internet and the phone;
But I wish that you were here so I could take you home.

So I could have my way and abuse you all the night;
Damn this giant distance it is our biggest plight.

He is always so very exciting to me;
Though he is so far away I hope someday we meet.