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Farewell to Debauchery

Farewell to you, my love, my Darling Debaucherous One
Farewell to Debauchery

Daily kisses, naughty exchanges, bathroom jaunts
Escalating risk and sensuous flaunts

A debaucherous and dirty rendezvous planned
A hell of a steamy journey we took hand in hand

A common theme brought us together
One of hedonistic tendencies and love of leather

We were in sync and two of a kind
With limitless imagination and a shared dark filthy mind

We shared details of daily life and all our intimate struggles
Your humor cheered me up and made you just so damn lovable

Daily affirmations of lust, our confidence was bolstered
My kinky gestures and your sharp wit were rarely holstered

We tried to challenge and change our intertwined destiny
Fighting fate together, we were happy and hopeful aplenty

Shared feelings led to love, vulnerable we both became
Sharp sensitivity replaced the bond, that soon began to wain

So much was intrusted to you, I thought you my ultimate friend
A real love grew between us, one you simply couldn’t comprehend

It seems conflict and guilt, was the many products of your lies
A single phrase slipped out, led to the laceration of our ties

You possessed a gentle heart, that distance exploited exponentially
A solid friendship that seemed real, in truth, just another fallacy

So many misunderstandings, hurt feelings soon flowered
Commitment to each other was once strong, now in a corner it cowered

Suddenly a change of heart, it caused such a commotion
You questioned my worth, my purity, and most cruelly my devotion

I was convinced I could be candid, but your jealousy proved not to be tame
Game over, nobody can win at this cruel and wicked game

The devil now had a conscience, how convenient for him
Left me alone on the platform, as you departed on a whim

Nobody stood up, to stop the ensuing damage tactfully
Instead, stubbornness and pride was used and embraced too readily

Shunning my love, had left me so confused and enraged
Because of this, with you in my mind, I chose no longer to engage

Indeed you fuel my fire, but not in the way you would want
A solemn decision to disown you, a choice I did not want to flaunt

No matter, the damage is done
An insignificant speck you had become

Just a smudge of dirt on my windshield glass
Easily removed with a swift wiper's pass

Eviseration from an acid tongue, my only touch you deserve
To flush away our memories, feels like the best kind of purge

Your beautiful rose had wilted and is now covered in prickly thorns
The lovely one becomes a distant memory, as nothing more than amateur porn

Reflection and silence the safest place for me to go
You took offense, and lashed out with your old friend pain in tow

You called me selfish, so calculated and hurtful
To give you my love, was only proof of an affinity purposeful

I lived in the moment, and didn’t care to look ahead
Impending release of our bonds, would do no good to have plead

You crashed through the frozen pond, and felt the sting of icy reality
You pulled my body in and weighted it down, in a frantic attempt to drown me

My lungs filled with empty promises and inside my tornado became a soft breeze
Pushing me down, destroying all we had built, my heart no choice but to freeze

My head below water, your lack of compassion had never been displayed so plainly
I held my breath and looked into your eyes, a desperate search for any semblance of sanity

You climbed out of the pond, using my body for support
Wandering off unscathed, you did not detect a new invisible cohort

Tossed aside, the role of protector
Left behind, the purpose of a mentor

The importance of trust and honesty, did so many times we repeat
Your actions proved neither were honored, your self destruction was complete

Today I turn my back to you, in respite love and silent shame
A once promising Dom, now encompassed with and only a master to, his own lonely pain

At my back, going forward, the only side you will know
Your guilt will no longer be, a struggled and shared woe

You join company, with the many others that I have left behind
A jovial group, whose songs of strength, in actuality only mimed

Never to be my King, I should consider myself lucky
Only the like of a fool or a jester, could have given you a run for your money

Our memories purged, I no longer am in pain
Quickly healed, only a hard lesson remains

A lesson that a dominant first, genuine man second, for which I would fight
With much reflection, now, I have learned to get the order right

Thank you for your time, it was not a total waste
Appreciating a true gentlemen, now holds the greatest weight

Farewell to the dream of closeness and a sensuous reality
Farewell to the dream of true love and tender depravity

Farewell to the dream of lust realized and inhibition undone
Farewell to you, my love, my Darling Debaucherous One

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © © 2013 Silver Sakura

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