Final Farewell

By Saga

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Tags: love, hearbreak, dreams, closure

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Do you ever think of me?
Do I ever cross your mind?
Have I appeared in your dreams,
Like you have in mine?

Do you remember my voice?
The feel of my soft kiss?
Can you still feel the warmth of my body,
And the bite on your lips?

Do you ever wonder?
What could have been?
If things were different,
And I was not with him?

I remember those never ending touches.
Your soft breath on my skin.
I thought I would always have you,
Not have my heart broken from within.

I try to move forward,
And to not look back.
But you said you loved me,
So I am stuck where I am at.

I wonder if you miss me?
And the talks that we had?
Or are you happy now,
And moved on from all the bad.

I have to stop wondering,
And to stop asking why.
I hope my dreams start to fade,
So I can finally say goodbye.