Finding the words

By Jayne33

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Tags: love, distance, struggles,

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This is my first attempt at writing a poem, all feedback welcome.
I sit at a blank screen, my head full of dreams.
Searching my mind, for the words I can’t find.
How do I express this love that I feel?
This passion, this urge, a temptation so real.

You stir my emotions, making me feel so alive.
This distance between us, our only divide. 
Through time and through space, your words appear,
lifting my spirits and making things clear.

This view that I had, was wrong and distorted,
I am worth more than I thought. 
My self-deprecation so easily thwarted.

The touch of your words, so exquisite and divine,
fuelling my lust when you say “You are mine.” 
Causing my sex to burn out of control, 
when you look into my eyes and see into my soul.

The path ahead of us is twisting and turning.
We can prevail, even with our realistic concerning’s.
A connection we share, so real and so strong. 
A new bond forged, but here’s hoping it’s life-long.

For my S.S.S.S.D - You know who you are ;-)