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Fire Fairy

For H. Wherever you are.
Fire fairy in the autumn night. 
My fate has dimmed the candlelight. 
You wait for my mistake . 
The darkness is your sole disguise. 
When candle flames they reach your eyes, 
and we are both awake.

Slowly you move along the walls. 
The movement of your body calls 
for mine to respond. 
Your amber eyes exploring me, 
your lily-hands imploring me, 
to follow you beyond.

I pause to wonder what and how, 
but shatter when you raise your brow 
and smiling make me see. 
I follow when you take my hand, 
and I question not what you command. 
I silently agree.

I leave the place now with you then. 
We leave behind us mice and men, 
but regulations most of all. 
Though I am adventurous, 
I fear that you are dangerous, 
but steadily I fall.

Now shining on a satin bed, 
is your flowing locks so fire-red. 
I let you push me down. 
My lips are burning as we kiss. 
My fire angel bring me bliss. 
You're tearing off my gown.

Deep into my soul you weave 
every blazing moment of this eve. 
You lead me down the way. 
You are the fire's to endear. 
You're skin seems almost golden here. 
You're brighter than the day.

Deep into me, now you steer. 
I watch the world just disappear. 
If only I had known. 
Something in me has begun. 
You know exactly what you've done. 
You watch me as I moan.

The darkness is as black as coal. 
I fear you will consume me whole. 
I cling to you for more. 
I completely let you in, 
and feel you against my naked skin. 
I lead you to my core.

Like fire in a withered tree 
you take all of me so easily. 
But I am not afraid. 
For like a river, I am wet. 
I kiss your lava skin and sweat. 
Your silk and your brocade.

For this one time we are combined. 
Like threads of silk we are entwined. 
I am bathing in your glow. 
My fire lady guide me through, 
my curves and lips belong to you. 
You do not let me go.

But all the fire fairies fly. 
So did you and time went by, 
but I cannot forget. 
Your fire and your flaming skill, 
meant that I remember still, 
that one night when we met.

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