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Flooding Exctasy

A loving couple explores the Erotic Ocean{from the woman's point of view}
Kissing tongues tangle, making you ache,
Invitingly, I wait willingly for you to take.
Lying back, I plead without words,
From clenched lips “Mmm” was heard.
Raising my hips high to greet your stare,
The erotic desire in me flows out so clear.
Beckoning please enter with no hesitation,
You stand erect and throbbing without reservation, 
Your teasing evokes lust on my face,
You’ve put me in a submissive place.
Oh so suddenly, You grant me raw relief,
Punishing me enough to wait for your slab of beef.
Penetrating with your precum dripping hard pride,
Charging, you thrust your cock deep inside.
I plant my feet high on your chest,
Bracing for your attack as my prepare for the rest, 
My moans and sounds now louder than before,
Because your cock ravishes places deep in my wet core.
You wondered if you were hurting you while you plough,
My howls and screams were super loud.
So you ease your pumping into me momentarily,
Thinking I needed to adjust to you fucking deeply
But quickly I command “Don't stop, give it to me”
Whimpering and begging, I am at your mercy.
Picking up the rhythm where we slowed down,
Sinking deeply in my canal, you continue to pound
I grind and squirm from your vigorous slamming,
Watching me entranced as I receive your fucking. 
I stretch your stamina to prolong your ultimate dive,
Demands from my internal muscles helps you maximize.
Soon I realize you are close to expelling,
Your words get louder with heavy breathing.
My sniffling plea "Please don't cum without me"
Wanting to stay forever in flooding ecstasy.
Pressing me back as your combustion climbs high,
Intense plunging signals explosion time is nigh.
Gliding to the edge of peak, you cautiously pursue,
To capture the perfect rhythm between us two.
Panting, pumping, pushing hard towards the fire,
Our bodies quiver and shake, burning final desire.
Resisting each pulsing throbs is a magical feat
We’re barely holding on, not wanting to cheat.
Sensing we can no longer steer and control this flight,
Diving wildly into Erotic Ocean with all our might.
Each to our own promised depth we freely go,
Into climatic plateau, the other never knows.
Soon we return to our neutral place,
After euphoric moments in climatic space,
We reconnect while returning to ground,
Together our pleasure oasis was found.
Our legs entangle and arms cuddle close
We savor every detail of our concluded blissful dose
This is my first story.. Please go easy :)
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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