For Amie, forever

By Richard_M_Williams

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Tags: love, romance, passion

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A declaration made. A promise to keep.
What was I, before I saw you?

Was I even truly alive?

What was dead, now breathes anew;

For this love I can strive.

If only it had been you from the start,

When in darkness I was bound.

Now that you rule my heart,

Only in the light, can I be found.

No need for heaven, in your embrace.

Only to my goddess can I be devout.

Aphrodite weeps at her disgrace;

From your eyes, the stars shine out.

Reality interrupts my sensual caress.

To melancholy, my passion gives way.

Your love I do not possess.

I am still alone today.

Still I hold on to this dream.

A vow made before all creation.

This is a love I will redeem

And prove my adoration.

My angel, with your inspiration;

I shall raise my soul to bold endeavour

And always leave this sweet dedication:

For Amie, forever.