For This I Was Meant

By Green_Man

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Tags: love lost, romance

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We shall never be apart
Once in a lifetime you find that you may

Have entered the realm of beauty's caress

Where dreams of tomorrow have happened today.

The losing of one place won't be amiss,

She offers a sharing, a path and a way,

An entree, a welcoming hug and a kiss.

This will be your future, your joy, your day

Accepting what's given, with smiles, a wish

That this will always be your gift, your pay,

For acting the role of the Rock in this

Play of giving, receiving, and this way

You stay in her life, in her heart, with bliss.


Eternity isn't a little gift

Souls that unite in this life may live on,

And hearts that are riven won't go adrift,

But always return from whence they were torn.

Soul mates are made, they are never bereft

But always come back like dew in the morn.

So no matter how much her heart may shift

It ever will be for this man reborn.

Life is for play, for pleasure, for the lift.

It shines for the lovers who never mourn

A love that returns, as if never rift.

Thus will I be true to a vow unshorn.