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Forbidden Soulmates

A poem about a forbidden love shared between soulmates that have to hide it from the world.
It is said, "Passion can never purchase what true love desires: true intimacy, self-giving, and commitment." I am SO in love and desire nothing more than to be your one and only. We have decided to follow our hearts and bring this to a higher level of commitment, giving in to our true feelings... Knowing... There is no going back, for our love is like a wildfire burning through acres of lush forest. Are you prepared to fuel these flames even more? For as it grows it becomes harder and harder to contain from the watchful eyes of the outside world. We are playing in a very dangerous territory now. The walls surrounding my heart are falling down with each day we spend together, Each conversation we have, each kiss we share, and every time we make love. But realize that by taking this step closer and allowing our hearts the commitment that's so desired... We are stepping into the fiery unknown where we are both completely vulnerable to one another. Just thinking about it makes my blood race impulsively through my veins, causing a flushed trembling within. I want to be with you in every way we possibly can.... mind, body, heart and soul. Together we will just have to find a way to manage the explosive love we silently and secretly share. Because regardless, when a day goes by that I can't meet you in person, we're together in my memories. When I cannot see you, my heart still feels you near... longing for your warm embrace. Before we met, life was viewed in black and white... now that we are together vivid colors surround our universe. I never knew love like this existed, other than in fairytales. Now that I've tasted the sweet divine fruit of true love, How can I ever be expected to go back to the bittersweet life of the past? No one can understand this forbidden love affair we share and so we are forced into confinement. But I'd rather be covertly sneaking around with you by my side, than left to face the cold dark world alone.  One problem... these feelings are reaching a maximum boiling point and we can never seem to leave well enough alone. We continue to push things further, bringing us one step closer to ultimate exposure... leaving all to see that you and I are one. Would they accept us if they knew that you were my dream lover and I was your fantasy girl for so long before we ever gave into these all-consuming feelings?  We can't help that life led us to each other in the way that it did... our souls could not resist for they searched for so long. This type of love comes less than once in a lifetime, so how can we deny ourselves this chance for infinite fulfillment?  All the chips are on the table, what's meant to happen will occur, all we can do is enjoy the ride... together. Destination unknown, a secret rendezvous, where the sparks of our love continue to blaze out of control and our souls are at last reunited.
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