By Bunny12

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My heart aches for something that didn’t exist;
It was not enough to even consider it a tryst.

A longing for a single moment in time;
When I thought what I wanted was actually mine.

Just a lie I foolishly chose to believe;
From my anguish a chance to get some relief.

Little did I know my anguish would double;
Feeling unappreciated for all of my trouble.

I found another who needed the same;
But I gave him away just so I could stay sane.

I don’t have any more energy, I don’t want to try;
Let someone else take the wheel and let me just ride.

Coast a while I don’t care which direction;
Escape the days that are filled with reflection.

Stop taking care of everyone else;
Let it all go and only worry about myself.

I wish I could float through life care free;
Just not give a shit when I see someone in need.

Be callous and cold, totally unforgiving;
I can’t adapt myself to that way of living.

No matter how hard that I try;
My compassion I can’t seem to hide.

Just once I wish those feelings were returned;
I’m not holding my breath that much I have learned.

No waiting around forever just so I can see;
My disappointment grow and my common sense leave.

I’ve got them lining up right outside of my door;
My inspiration is gone I don’t want to bother anymore.

I think I’m just going to switch teams for a while;
With my girlfriend who really loves my style.

Never makes me wait and showers me with praise;
Spending time with her makes for much brighter days.

Maybe that will ease my aching heart;
Forget about the things that tore it apart.

Go on an exploration of something new;
Forget about all the memories I have of you.