By AllieMac

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Tags: Pain, Hurt, Leaving

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What am I supposed to say
When you’re so happy in your space
And I am here – choking on every thing
Besides, wouldn’t matter what I have to say
You find your own answers anyway

No matter how deep I dig
No matter what I share
It only penetrates you
If it is something you want to hear

They say, ‘You rarely find something true’
Somehow I thought I found that with you
Must have over estimated
Everything I thought was there
When I need you, long for you
You’re so tied up with all you do

What I am supposed to do
Wait on your time table
When you’re bored
Or finally free
Just be right there
Jumping at your command

Guess that would make me
The fool in this whole thing
Not a place I choose to be
Have so much more I can do
Than be the one you play

I will pick up the pieces
It is something I am so used to
I will keep moving forward
Someday this will be
A faded, forgotten memory