Fuck You

By CumGirl

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Fuck You

Fuck you with your glinting eyes
That hold me e’er spellbound.
Fuck you with your cool disdain
On which I run aground.

Fuck you for your curling lips
That sneer each phrase they spit.
Fuck you for the words you say
And those you do omit.

Fuck you and your roaming hands
That stroke the air, not me.
Fuck you and that world we shared
Now naught but old debris.

Fuck your still abiding presence
That stalks my every day.
Fuck those undying memories
I can’t quite shut away.

Fuck you with your friendship
Those messages you send.
Fuck your expectation
That I might be your friend.

Fuck you for the nervousness
I feel each time you’re there.
Fuck you and my desperate need
My obsession to declare.

Fuck your fickle caresses
That tantalise my skin.
Fuck your teasing, seductive words
That cause my head to spin.

Fuck the tense uncertainty
That clouds our ritual dance.
Fuck those bruised and battered hearts
So fearful of romance.

Fuck the way my heart does pound
Each time you do appear.
Do you know my resistance
Is but a thin veneer?

So fuck me as I should be fucked
Ecstatic bodies intertwined.
Please take possession once again
Of me; body, soul and mind.