Gasp Out Loud

By LittleSister_

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It is in the wee hours of the morning

In that moment before waking

When the world is blissfully silent

And the whole universe turns on a sigh

That I dream of you...

Your hand as it reaches for me

The brush of your fingertips against my brow

The supple touch of your lips against

The corner of my mouth

I inhale as you inhale

And smile

The sweet caress of indrawn breath

Across my skin

As you nuzzle your nose into my neck

I dream...

Of the tender smile that precedes

Your tongue dancing over my collar bone

Your hand that slides, searching

Across burning, naked flesh

And your fingertips that pluck at my knotted bud

My arching spine

And trembling body 

As your wicked mouth

Torments my lips with your lips

And I

Gasp out loud

As I try to smother your breath

With my heated core

That is as wet as water

And yearning for you to slip

The essence of all you are

Inside me

I dream of the nails

That rake across the ghost of my soul

As you fill me again and again

With the proof of your love

And I waken with

The cry of your name in my heart

My always

My forever

My love...