Giving Thanks

By sprite

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Tags: watersports, kittyplay, rimming, bdsm, figging, love, dirtytalk

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I want to taste your piss

To me, it’s as sweet as a kiss

I want to taste your ass

Though I know that others might pass

I want to taste your cum

I find it more intoxicating than rum

But mostly I want to be your kitty

You always make me feel so pretty

When I’m running naked through the house

Chasing after a pink fuzzy mouse

My collar tags going jingle-jangle

A ball of yarn all a-tangle

Around my wrists, after being used

Some might even say abused

Fingers teasing my cunt and clit

Until I begged you to quit

And now, I’m still hoping for relief

Perhaps the feel of your teeth

As you take me over the living room chair

Spread open and helpless, pulling my hair

Pushing fresh ginger into my ass

The room silent except for my gasp

Fire filling me, kicking and screaming

Then tensing up, my pussy creaming

As I cum for you, your dirty little whore

Taking a breath, praying for more

God, I love being yours, love being owned

Love knowing that I’ll never be alone

Thank you.