By Alphamagus

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Tags: loss, longing

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A man laments his lost love.
The colour has gone from everything.
The days are grey. The birds don’t sing.

The swallows have stopped their northern flight.
The moon has shrouded her peaceful light.

The stars have blinked out one by one.
There is no magnificence from the sun.

The minstrel plays a mournful tune,
Its despair ringing through the gloom.

There is no peace, no hope, no love.
The night’s enwrapped me in her glove.

The dancers pull up, unsure on their feet.
The thieves now steal, the cheaters cheat.

Babies cry. The clowns they weep. 
More lemmings make their fateful leap.

The farms are ruined, no crops to tend.
The rain has come, and will not end.

Chaos rules, its presence sure.
Plague knocks on each and every door.

They all seem to know.They are aware.
That you have gone, no longer there.

My heart raised up as a bloodied prize,
To cheer up their ravenous eyes.

But without you here, why should I care?
Let them have their broken fare.

For without your love, no sun can be,
Ever shining again for me.

Goodbye, my love, run free! Run fast!
May all your wishes come to pass.

May your life be long. May your heart now smile.
May your love last for a long, long while.

May you sing and dance and laugh with glee.
Please do not worry about me.

I will stay right here and search the light,
Happy knowing that you are alright.

But if you ever again start to fall,
Or are alone with nobody to see or call.

Just look into the darkest point you see,
And there waiting patiently will be me.