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Goodbye (from me to you)

A poem I wrote about a year ago, to my ex after we split, about the stages of our relationship
Goodbye (from me to you)
I remember that 1st day when you mentioned dinner,
I thought you were joking but you were no fibber,
do you remember what followed ..? 'Wear a shorter skirt',
I thought to myself... did I just flirt ?,
as you walked back down the garden path,
I said to Dave “she got great legs & ass”,
the very next day you turned up at 'Rains,
‘short skirt, gorgeous legs an sexy smile’ went through my brains.

I remember you sitting in the chair at my PC,
singing baby D's 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy’,
we played a game of ‘I went to the shop,'
it soon became clear you wanted my c**k, (sorry)
for our first date we went to Denham,
playin’ Marco V was simply heaven,
was the Horse & Barge where we went for a drink,
we kissed in the car & I started to think.

It didn’t take long for our love to grow strong,
hours on the phone was never too long,
the way I felt came like a boom,
the first time saying 'I love you' in that hotel room,
we went on a mission and move away,
that look on your face is still clear today,
we went from the game of 'I went to the shop',
to ‘Wanted Records’ our own little shop.

At work one night you sent some hot picture texts,
so I raced home for ‘lets cum together’ passionate sex,
the shop soon opened and closed too,
then it was the Boys, Maddox, Me and You,
I was so, so happy with what I had got,
but being a twat I didn’t show it a lot,

I never imagined moving back home from away,
certainly not in our own separate ways.
I am so sorry for the way I have been,
for neglecting you and more if only I’d seen,
so many things we have been through can you not see,
that I am now more than that man I used to be,
yes I know it’s too little too late,
and have to make do with you as a mate,
I am so glad that you I did find,
how & why have I been so blind ?

Why didn’t I make sure you were happy…?
one minute we were five... & now its just me,
words and actions now aint enough,
to get you back for me that’s just tough,
I was sure one day and we have both said,
that the time will come when we shall wed,
no love for me you said a hundred percent,
words you have said & obviously meant.

I feel right now like I do not exist,
to again be ya man would simply be bliss,
I’ve already said if you change your mind,
I will never be far for you to find,
I really don’t think that time will come,
& hate the fact that we are now done,
so if ever you need a friend some day,
there will never be words you need to say.
Just come to my door or give me a ring,
and I will be there to let you in,

I never meant to make you cry,
that wasn’t me and I don’t know why,
‘I never meant to hurt you’ is easy to say,
the way you feel now won’t go away,
the way I have been I have no excuse,
so this is not guilt that I’m tryin’ to use.
 ‘I love you’ goes through my head thousand-times-a-day,
but its now to late for me to say… Which I have to deal with every single day,
the way I feel now is so different some how,
if we ever get back I will show you how,
I dream 'bout you every single night,
but when I wakeup it’s still not right,
this hurts me more & more each day,
there are no other words I can find to say.

Except for the fact that one day in my life,
I hope you’ll come back & become my wife,
I hope this happens with all of my heart,
‘cause I can not bare us being apart,
I guess now it’s time to say goodbye,
so many tears have left my eyes,
my last words that I want to say,
is that I do & will love you more & more each day.

Goodbye Gem , thought we were meant to be…?
I will always Love You,

to you…

From Lee  x X x
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