Goodnight Kisses

By Navin

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Tags: love

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Waking to the sound of the shower running.
Running my hand over your side of the bed.
Feeling that it is still warm.
Making me smile contentedly.

Thinking about the love we made last night.
Starting innocently with a few soft goodnight kisses.
Embers smoldered as the kisses became more intense.
You knew that each kiss would only make me want you more.

Pulling you on top of me.
Looking into your angel eyes.
Taking your face in my hands.
Realizing how lucky I am to have you in my life.

Soft kisses became deeper kisses.
Our breathing got deeper and faster.
Needs had to be met.
Feeling you sink onto me.

Moving in perfect harmony
Waves of pleasure filling our bodies with boundless electricity
Your hips rolling to meet my every thrust
Our first climax, as always, the most intense

Relaxing, smiling, knowing it won't be the last of the night
There is much more to come
Writhing, twisting, contorting
Finding new ways to please each other

I close my eyes and it all comes back to me
I smile a contented smile that only comes when one is truly loved
I throw back the sheet and walk to the bathroom
I see you. So sexy through the steam

I step into the shower knowing we have just enough time.
Just enough time to please each other once again
Needing to get the day going
So we end it with a few soft goodnight kisses.