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Hardcore Love

                        Hardcore Love


A door opens.

One heart dances wildly within wicked desire, while the other is unsure what is about to happen.

Here begins the Hardcore Love.

Will you enter or run?

Should I just slam you with all my hidden passion before you can turn around and run away?

Will you hate me?

Will you tremble with fear of what is flashing within my eyes for you?

Can I bring you into my Hardcore Love without fearing you will not return the love back onto me?

Will my eager touch make you soul ignite to my Hardcore Love?

Slamming your body of delight against the wall like a escape prisoner being handle by a guard.

Will your screams be of pain or delight in what I am willing to force upon your trembling body of desire?

I long for your scream, so my heart and soul can sprout wings of wickedness and sinful acts that will bring us into the sweetness of dark passion.

Damn it…

Are you running now,


Are you offering me what I want and need from you.

Hardcore love.

I want to possess your mind with wicked dreams of tortuous passion, yet ignite your heart and soul in love with such a depth its almost death dance with you tonight in dangerous desire to soar complete as one.

My hunger is roaring, do you hear it?

Heavy is my breathing upon your shivering flesh of fear.

I have come and bring upon this night of Hardcore Love all I can offer you to make you believe love is true and will always belong only to you.

Grabbing at your hair like a master forcing her sex slave into obedience to surrender to my Hardcore Love.

Nails scratching across your body like a bird of prey devouring you.

Hard kisses upon your whimpering lips of mercy to smother out your fear.

Manipulating your body to melt into my Hardcore Love passion.

Biting at your flesh like starving vampire upon your body.

Ripping off your shirt and tossing your about the room like a rag doll being beating with tortuous malice of dark endless passion leaving no room for error how much I need and want you.

Slapping you over and over, walking away, then turning around and throwing body into yours, sending your body back hard against the wall again.

Laughing and screaming for you to take me now, but offering you no hope when I push you away.

Do you want more of my Hardcore Love?

I know have plenty to give you.

So darling come on delight my wicked and savage thrill by trying to take me down and claiming my prize forever as yours.

Do you think you can?

On here comes my Hardcore love upon you.

Pushing down upon the floor, taking your belt into my hands like whip and hitting you over and over again, as I cry out my depth of need for you to tame my wild and wicked side.

Biting your expose nipple like candy to be eaten by my endless Hardcore Love appetite.

Are you bleeding now?

Do you wish to run away?

Is that flashing in your haunting green eyes asking me to give you more?

Licking you like ice cream cone.

Sucking upon your cock like a ice cube within a drink.

Listening and longing for your pleas of mercy, but I only hear your panting and moaning to something dark flowing through your blood.

Could it be…

No way.

Oh god yes…it is, you are willing and ready for more of my Hardcore Love to trace and ignite your hidden dark desire into reality.

Hardcore love, oh yes, baby, here comes my Hardcore love upon your body.

Teeth nibble.

Hands clasp into your holding down like a unwilling prey.

Desire twirling about like a Texas two-step whirlwind carrying us away into the abyss of endless pleasure to all my Hardcore Love breathing upon you.

Bodies toss and tumbling upon the bed.

Bodies fall with a haunting thump sound.

Legs and mouths entwine like fighting mad dogs full of endless rage.

Moans and scream that tell us, we are almost there.

Heat like fire burning the cool air like hell fire.

Sweat bursting and falling for our bodies.

Hands grasping and clawing at each other naked bodies like wild lions fighting over food.

Hardcore love is ours now and forever.

Our juices are now flowing like waters in might seas.

Fingers running and explore in places that makes us trembling with a endless thrill of something wicked finally making us complete.


Needful looks and touches.

Hungry for tongues dancing like two snakes curling upon to mating ball.

Lustful stares.

The banging within the room is   ringing out as if warning sounds of approaching danger.



Our bodies rocking.

Penetration that send us screaming.

Fast and hard.

Long and deep.

Hardcore is finally driving us pass the point of no return.

Everything swirling out of control.

Breathing is hard.

Breathing is fast and steady like dreams no longer dream but reality.

Oh god…oh god…Yes…Yes.

Rushing feeling flowing over us.

Pounding wildly.

Slamming deep and hard.


Tightening of my walls of lust around your powerful cock.

Shivers running up and down our spine.



Oh god…Yes.

We both fall into the pit of endless orgasms.

It has come to end.

Our Hardcore love has take us to the place, we wanted to be.

Soaring like free souls returning back home within heaven’s paradise.

I smile.

You smile.

We turn to face each other.

Our lips come together.

You says, “Now its my turn to give you some of my Hardcore Love.”



©2009 Firestar

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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