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Haunting Love

                        Haunting Love


Desire within a single tear drop

Escape from my lost passion.

Here I am,


Forever lost to desire for love.

How my heart and soul is cold like the distant star soaring about the endless heaven?

My body is a temple from heavenly divine for any man to worship like his personal Goddess,


I can’t belong to his wicked and sinful desire.

I don’t belong to Hell or Heaven,


I am just drifting by life like a haunting wind of what can never be within his reach or mine.

My lips lingering sweetly upon his lips,


I can’t taste his desire, because I am not part of life realities.

I once welcome life,


Only found death welcoming me forever as its, life mate.

How his haunting eyes calls out to me,


I can’t ever be with him.

Time is ticking away,

Here I am a haunting illusion within a endless enigma upon love that can’t savor his taste or touch as something I once held within my trembling arms.

Here within love’s darkness of death, I will always be his girl forever.

Always willing to chase the death demons away from his life.

Never will he know how I keep him safe from death.                                    

A love,

I hold within my lost reality that keeps him breathing in life,

how I weep each time he takes a woman into his arms,

his bed and whisper how he soar each time he makes love to her.

Tears may fall like raging rain storm,


I will always shelter him from my own rage,

Because without him,

I will be lost forever within the light and darkness that tempts me upon each moment to surrender all my hope from love embracing my cold heart and soul with reality.

A love I hold for him will always burn cold with desire to touch and burn his flesh like another always does.

My tears are shallow and hallow within my reality and his.

He does not see, feel or hear my pain and sorrow that it is not his,

Who is thinking about, dreaming about or making love too, I find myself wondering about his hidden thoughts all the time, as I watch over him.

Kisses from me becomes the gentle breeze upon life wishing he could kiss me back.

How I wish he could just turn around see me standing behind him, looking at him, and longing for his kiss and touch upon this cold dead body of love?

I watch him dream about his one true love be within his reach, but I will never be.

How can he love another,

When I am here loving him completely and forever?

Does he feel my desire within his heart as I moved about his life?

What can I do?

What can I say to him to make him reach out to me?

Here I am,

Here loving him more than any another woman could ever love him,


I turn to see…

A door opening up.

He turns to face her.

Here I am screaming…


As he takes her into his arms, as his lips covers hers, as his hands roam about her body.

Here I am falling apart with emotion of sorrow of him loving her, when he should be loving me.

I tremble with pain, I flutter like death wings away from his haunting passion with her,

I weep my pain,


I pause.

He walks out into the night, he kisses his hand and blow a kiss, he says, “I know you are here with me, I know you are always loving me and watching over me. Know this my haunting my love, one day, I will be with you, until than….I will never be complete with any other woman, but you.”

I smile.

Here I am fearing the worst,


He reach out to me with hope and endless promise he and I will one day be together.

Now I have faith in my dreams and love for him.

I am no longer fearing this darkness surround me, because I know, I will one day hold him with my trembling arms, as he makes love me to forever.


©2009 Firestar

For my sweet Theo Theodoridis , who I miss every day while he lost from my life.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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