He left her today

By meredith

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Woman deals with the loss of her husband
He left her today
She sits back in the car
The ride back to their home
Really isn't very far.

He left her today
Helped out by her son
Said they couldn't help him
That nothing could be done.

He left her today
The doctors tried their best
The cancer gone too far
It was best let him rest.

He left her today
House full of people sounds
Not a word did she hear
Loneliness knew no bounds.

He left her today
She sees that day they wed
She sees his face, her groom
And the first night they bed.

He left her today
Sitting there, at wits end
She lost her only love
And lost her best friend

He left her today
She's alone with her fears
She wants to cry some more
But she ran out of tears.

He left her today
The tables full of food
But there is nothing today
That will brighten her mood.

He left her today
Thinks ahead of her task
Sorting through all those boxes
Things they kept, meant to last.

He left her today
Someone wants Grandma to play
A little child's face greets her
He knows not of this day.

He left her today
Their house they made a home
They are leaving her now
She's completely alone.

He left her today
Thirty nine years a pair
She goes to bed to rest
Empty he's besides her there.

He left her today.