By Saga

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Tags: forbidden, lust, crave, fragile, bruised, knees, claim, devour.

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A tidal wave of sorrow
Was drowning my heart, 
A heart stitched together 
With fragile thread.

I had been left shattered,
Bruised and broken,
Falling to my knees
In the unforgiving sand.

You found me lost and wandering
In the mist of twilight.
You claimed my heart
And devoured my soul.

Like a forbidden fruit, 
You tempted me.

With reckless abandon, 
I gave in. 

You are what I want,
What I need.
You are before me...

To love.

To lust.

To crave.

A heart that was once slowing
Is now beating strong.
A soul that was once quietly fading
Is now burning like the midnight sun.

You reached for my hand…

But you claimed my heart.