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A man discovers himself
Hidden in the darkness,
Protected by a shell. 
The seed that was my heart, 
Was wallowing in hell.

He could never blossom,
In the place where darkness reigns. 
No sun could reach his outer. 
No strength could break his chains.

Women laughed and pointed, 
At his foolish, fallen pride. 
They jeered at him and spat, 
Because to them he often lied.

His fate was well deserved.
I am not proud to admit. 
I was an asshole of a man. 
A complete and utter shit.

To be honest, I was wallowing.
The self-pity made me numb. 
I knew that I had sinned. 
I knew what I’d become.

So here I spent my time.
Years quickly, they flew past. 
I was waiting for the night, 
To come take me, at last.

When somehow in the vacuum,
I spied a tiny spark. 
I tried to blow it out, 
And go back to the dark.

But the spark just stood there laughing, 
Jeering at my shame. 
Before breathing in the air,
And bursting into flame.

The flame started to warm me,
Showing visions of love and care. 
Although I tried to turn away, 
It somehow made me stare.

The images were elegance,
Beauty, love and grace. 
With whispers of an intellect, 
Blowing warm upon my face.

I thought this was a vision, 
A product of twisted mind. 
Nothing that I’d ever been 
Was worthy of this find.

The flame produced a mirror 
And made me really see. 
That the only person showing doubt 
Surprisingly was me.

The flame took shape before me.
Your form slowly appeared. 
I could scarcely see you standing there 
As my eyes were fully teared.

You slowly held your hand out.
My fingers, around yours wound. 
Your strength gently hoisted me, 
And led me from the ground.

You showed me sun and laughter,
And colour long since denied. 
You led me to a building, 
And beckoned me inside.

Your dress slipped off your shoulders.
You dared me, not to stare 
At the beauty stood before me, 
The flesh and truth, laid bare.

I knew there in that moment 
That my true sin was conceit. 
My selfishness apparent, 
Caused the demons to be beat.

I made love to you for hours 
And for the first time I had known, 
I cared not about my selfish needs, 
But yours and yours alone.

I realised true fulfillment
Is the tastes and sounds you make. 
Your smile, your laugh, your body, 
Have made all before seem fake.

Now I know you give no promise
To how long you will remain. 
But my heart belongs to you now, 
And this love will never wane.

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