Her Dark Lord is coming back

By HK4167

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For her, he comes back from hell
Special thanks to ShyVixen and LatinSugar who helped me edit this piece.

Her dark lord is coming back
On this moonless night
As the clouds cover the sky
The gate to hell will open for ninety-nine nights
He has prepared for this moment for a thousand years
Patiently waiting for this darkest night

Her dark lord is flying back
Demons circling along his side
Black wings reaching out into the sky
Screaming out their fierce battle cry

Her dark lord is riding back
Riding along with his loyal death knights
Armor, shields and swords clashing loud
Like thunder rolling over the land

Feeling the tremble of earth, she raises her head
The sparks of life bring light into her eyes
In exhilaration her body shakes violently
Regardless of all the chains that hold her tight

For a thousand years she has never doubted
That he shall come back to rescue his bride
For a thousand years she has never regretted
The love that changed their path

It must be fate that they met in human land
Devil and angel both disguised as mortal life
As their sights crossed on a carnival night
A flame ignited, blasting sparks into the air

Groping, exploring, tasting
When their lips finally locked
There was no denial
Of all the desire, the lust, the urge
Burning in their eyes

She quivered
As his slick tongue
Explored every inch of her body
Kissing, nibbling, slurping
Arousing her
Satisfying her
Yet, she yearned for more
Of him

He moaned
As her warm mouth wrapped him
Sucking, licking, twirling
Releasing him
Unleashing him
Yet, he craved for more
Of her

They gasped in unison
In satisfaction
In spasm
When he entered her
Slowly and firmly
As their bodies
Became one

Panting, moaning, screaming
Bodies clashed, legs mingled
As she bit on his shoulder, holding on tight
As he twisted and pulled her hair
Bodies arching, shivering, exploding
As they reached the peak
As they tasted the ultimate happiness

Collapsing into each other
Bodies weakened, minds in awe
As they indulged at this moment
Of unknown ecstasy, feeling as never before
Their disguise faded

Two pairs of wings emerged
One pair, whiter than the purest snow
One pair, blacker than the darkest night
When her body was still in the pink of afterglow
When his fingers were still playing with her hair
Their heart

They tried to convince themselves
This was just a fling
Never again should they meet
But they could not fool
Their hearts, their feelings, their need
To enjoy his lips’ touch on her neck
To feel her hair’s brush on his chest
To stare into each other’s eyes

They could not resist the temptation
Therefore they met again discreetly
After all the passion
They said farewell in tears
Yet they met again
Like addiction, they strived
Never having enough

Her wings turned black
Her halo faded
It was not a secret

An army from heaven hunted them down
For the fallen angel that lost her way
For the devil that corrupted her
He fought desperately
One man against the whole army
To protect his love, his angel
Yet, he was wounded, captured, defeated

They repelled him back to the underworld
They punished her for her sin
Yet she has never forgotten his words
As he disappeared in flames
Wait for me, my fallen angel.
I will come back for you

She was imprisoned, hands and feet chained
For her sin of corruption
For daring to love the forbidden one
For her unwillingness
To forget about him
She was to be held until the day
The darkness seeped away from her wings
This would prove that she had erased him from her heart,
This would restore her white wings, pure soul

The pain on her body drove her numb
Yet there was always fire in her heart
That passionate night,
Sweet bitter memory
Never faded
His lips, his tongue, his body
All the pain and pleasure
All these years, that memory kept her breathing
Trusting his final words
Waiting for him

Tonight she knows the time has come
Her dark lord is very near, she feels his presence
She had no doubt that he would rescue her
Unchained and free, fighting against all
As he promised a thousand years ago

She sees him as he sees her
When their eyes meet in the air
As he lifts her breaking the chains
They both read within each other
The love, passion, caring, the need
That has never faded, always burning
For a thousand years

Overcome by the emotion that is dormant
She releases those tears
The tears that were never brought by the torture, by the pain
By all the suffering while he was in the darkness far away
Now gushing out her eyes

With all her strength
She yells out aloud
My lord,
My love,
I knew you would come back for me
I always knew!