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Her Intruder

Tags: pain
Pain became her intruder, a menace in the dark
There was no escape
For pain is relentless
It comes in the quiet
Invading the darkness

It wracked her body
Searing red hot pain
Desperate to escape it's grip
But escape was in vain

In life we are warned
Of evils and danger
No warning prepared her
Now she fought anger

Trying to live life
By the golden rule
Then to suffer silently
Seemed so cruel

Tear streaked cheeks
As she silently cried
Eventually sleep comes
The tears finally dried

Everyone fights demons
Some evils we can't see
But you have to fight hard
For your soul to be free

As pain tries to break her
She thinks of his voice
Pain can only defeat her
If she gives it that choice

She won't be another victim
For the world has too much sadness
If she keeps beauty in her heart
She can climb out of the darkness

She silently begs for relief
But the pain is not her ending
So she lets her light shine
And she can feel her soul mending

We all must fight demons
The kind no one can see
Only when we find courage
Can we truly break free

The world is full of beauty
We must focus on good things
And when the intruder comes
We can handle the pain it brings

His love makes her world more beautiful
It gives her heart ammunition
The pain cannot define her if she believes
It is merely a physical condition

Love is like medicine
It is the one thing she knows
The grip of pain will evaporate
As the love in her heart grows
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