Her World

By seemywowzza

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sung to the melody of Piano Man (my first poetic attempt)
She collects lovers like barbie dolls,

places them all o'er her shelves.

Turns all their heads to gaze towards her bed

while she sits and she plays with herself.

She plays the plastic crowd like a cheap guitar

trying to keep each one tuned.

Her fingers are silky, which keeps her puss milky

as she sits and plays while half nude.

They all keep watch with their cold blank stares

while juices run down legs bare.

She tosses her hair to the song in her head

and touches herself here and there.

Moans fill the room like a symphony

while she lays sprawled on her bed.

She plays with all the dolls that she has pulled from the walls

but wishes they had real cocks and balls.

La La La Di Dee Da
La Da Di Dee Da Da Dum

Well its nine o'clock on a Saturday night

regulars are already here.

She breaks out the booze and figures she can't lose

when there are so many to chose.

She pulls out her favorite plastic man

and dresses him up for the night.

They'll dance to the music that echoes round in her head

and then she will take him to bed.

With dress hiked up high and her legs open wide

she urges him to help her get there.

He answers her call and she showers them all

then she just lays trembling there.

Tears pour from her eyes like a waterfall

as memories flood through her mind.

In a not so distant past, life was a blast

when she indeed did have it all.

She answers the door in the dress that she wore

last night as she entertained the crowd.

She feels even bolder with straps off her shoulder

as she smiles and opens the door.

"Hello my name is Ken and I bring you a gift

from the shelves of your favorite store.

It humms and it vibes, and sure to make your mind drift.

It's your new 10 inch cock in a box."

Oh La Da Da Di Dee Da
La La Di Di Da Da Dum