His kiss

By shorty-oca

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His kiss, my kiss, his lips to mine. The touch mind blowing, the passion devine. His caress of my body, his breath on my neck, His eyes locked on mine, we're frozen in time. The energy he projects, he makes me want more, a dramatic affect his love has formed. I want him, I need him, his heart and all. He opens up to me as we fly over spring to fall. Time has now been lost, all in his kiss, his touch, his feel, my every wish. Through this act, we speak aloud, he tells me of his love and his darkest cloud. He speaks of this cloud being his heart broken, he speaks  of the storm being  love fallen. He once held back, but then let loose, I've gained his love and devotion too. His kiss is his way of giving all to me, his kiss is his way of making  his plea, his kiss is his way of giving his heart, his kiss is his way of astablishing our start. I'm truely happy now with my final love, his kiss is the world and and all the stars above.