His Lips

By capemay4u

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sensual passionate kissing
His Lips….

His lips are thick, full, and inviting

His lips trace the outline of my face

His lips lightly and sensually kiss each eyelid

His lips drag ever so slowly down my check

His lips open and I feel his hot breath

His lips pass over my neck causing me to quiver

His lips release his tongue to circle around my breasts

His lips pucker and I feel a slow suckle on my nipple

His lips pull away from me to see me arch my back and moan for him

His lips leave my mind a blur but my body in heat

His lips brush over my pussy

His lips release his tongue to lick my pussy from base to tip

His lips are coated with my pussy juice down to his chin

His lips soaked in my juice press up against my full soft pink lips

His lips lick my lips while his eyes are locked on mine

His lips open and our tongues meet for a little dirty dancing

His lips suckle on my lip and only release after when he bites me 

His lips with my lips ignite such passion and desire.