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I was his.
I lay there.

Moving slightly, feeling the silk sheets caress my body.

I hear his voice, calm and soothing with a slight edge to it that sent shivers down my spine.

Are you ready he asks.

I nod my head yes, my mouth dry unable to speak.

He clears his throat in only the way he could, making it more of a statement.

My tongue slides across my lips and I speak, yes Sir.

I can hear the smile play upon his lips as he says good little one.

I can sense him circling the bed and then still.

I hardly have time to brace myself before the soft strands of leather from his flogger sting my breasts.

My eyes fly open but all I can see is blackness, the blindfold doing its job.

Again I feel the sting of his flogger and I still instinctively try to deflect his blows, but my wrists are bound.

I pull against my restraints as he hits me over and over.

I can feel my skin get hot.

I feel the stinging and it is at that point I feel myself grow wet.

I begin arching to his assault.

My cries become moans and the tension builds within me.

You like that don't you little one he asks.

Yes Sir I cry out.

Thank you Sir follows that.

It's as if he can sense the small puddle forming between my legs.

I feel him get on the bed between my bound legs as the flogging stops.

My body pulsates with need.

Need for his tortuous touch.

A touch I could not live without anymore.

I was so innocent and then he pulled at dark desires within me.

Desires I never knew I had.

He pulled me to depravity by my collared neck.

I was his.

His to use as he pleased.

However he saw fit, at his mercy, his every whim.

And I love it.

I feel his hard cock press against my wet hole demanding access.

I arch my hips giving him what he requires.

I moan as he fills my tight young pussy with his demanding hard cock.

Oh god he groans.

I smile knowing I have pleased him.

I can feel his hands removing my blindfold, then the bindings on my hands and feet.

He puts his face close to mine as my eyes adjust to the light.

Hello little one he whispers.

A smile forms in the corner of my mouth, but I stay silent.

He moves in me, his thrusts long and deliberate.

My legs spread wider allowing him better access to what he desires.

I can feel my juices running out of me.

I've wanted this for hours, but instead I was put through delectable torture first, which was just fine for me.

His breath is ragged against my ear.

God how I love that sound.

My pussy tightens around his cock as my nails dig into his back, urging him on.

I can tell he is close, he needs me as much as I need him.

His thrusts become more violent.

Rough and fast he fucks me, just like a bad man would do.

My tension building with every withheld breath.

I feel him swell within me.

His voice in a harsh whisper telling me to cum for him.

To bend to his will.

To my need and cum.

Cum hard on his cock.

With that I do.

Exploding around his cock as our voices fill the air.

He groans in his own orgasm, filling me with his hot cum.

He collapses on top of me then nudges me to my side.

With his softening cock still inside me our legs tangled in the sheets.

He kisses my forehead, our breathing trying to return to normal.

Amazing little one he whispers against my skin.

I keep quiet.

My eyes close and I drift off.

When I awake my eyes instantly meet his.

He smiles and I return it with my own.

Again I ask.

He just smiles a devilish grin.

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