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Hold On Tight!

A couple's passionate lovemaking
The crash of your body. Smashed hard against the wall.
My rough exterior of masculine charms. Pushing you back.
Clothes. Torn. Ripped from our naked bodies. Scattered around the room.
Our lips. Embracing each other. Passionate. Lustful desires of taste explored.
Your hands. Pulling upon my hair. My head SNAPS back. Wet trails left upon my arched neck.
My hands. Raising your body high. Wrapping your long. Slender. Thighs around my waist.
Hold on tight!
Lowering down. My cock awaits. Long. Hard. Thick. Pulsating to be used by you.
Spread your legs wide my love. I whisper.
Dipped into your wet sex. One deep. Forceful THRUST inside.
Moans. Groans. Ecsasty screaming into my ears.
Holding you against the wall. Upright and spread evenly apart.
Faster. Harder. Pounding my way within your silky flesh.
Touching sexual parts of your body, others could not reach.
Sweat. Dripping down my spine.
Fingernails. Scratching blood trails of marks to reminisce about.
Faster. Deeper. My cock hard and thick within.
Fucking your wet hole with pure lust.
Each powerful. Forceful. Thrust arrived deeper within inside you.
Your cheeks in my hands. Squeezed tight. Soft. Perfect to hold.
Your arms around my neck. Hold me tight my sweet.
Turning. Carrying you across the room.
My cock still fucking it's way within. Delving into the wet hole. Awaiting it for so long.
Crash. Bounce. Upon the mattress and sheets below my body.
The bed holds us now. Me below. You above. On top of me.
Rising up slowly. Sitting upon your throne. My Queen.
Our hands clasped together. Tightly.
Ride my steed of power. Thrusting. Fucking. Inside of you still.
Bouncing. Moaning. Groaning of sexual lust. Filling the room of the odor of sex.
Hips swaying. Rising. Lowering. Bouncing upon your throne with delight.
Hard slaps of our connecting rhythms. Bodies joining together.
Bed creaking. Breaking gently below our combined weight.
Tumblers and glasses. Clasped upon the wall. Those next door listening in.
Your body. Sweaty. Naked. Beautiful that I look upon.
Climbing off your throne. To become the table for me to now rest upon.
Perched over the bed. Arms stretched down. Palms flat upon the sheets.
Legs stood high. Proud. Smooth. Cheeks spread wide.
Magnetized by your sex. Pulling me. My cock points it's direction at you.
Stood behind. My hands on your hips. Gripped. Tightly.
Head. Engorged. Swollen. Wet tip to base.
Slipping up and down. Back and forth.
Across your opening. Your dripping wet cunt.
TEASING you. Pleasing you. Burning you inside.
Soft blue eyes. Stare over shoulders ahead. Towards me.
Heavy breathing. Erupts. From between your sweet lips.
BANG! My cock slams it's way inside your cunt.
Lips. Spread wide. Forced to succumb to my persuasion.
In. Out. In. Out. Repetitive dance routine. But pleasures of contact.
Legs quiver. Hard stay focused. Not lose strength of stance.
Hands. Caress the arch of your spine.
Reach. Below. Under. The udders of your womanhood.
Slapping upon each other. Side by side.
Fingers grasp. Squeeze your tits.
Nipples erect. Finger. Thumb. In tact. Rub between.
Juices. Pussy. Wetness dripping upon the carpet floor.
One hand grip your breast.
Other pulling your long. Blonde. Hair.
My hips. Like Elvis Presley. Swing. In motion to music.
Counting down. Awaiting. The rocket to explode. To shoot off.

10. Pounding cock. Forceful. Inside your wet cunt.
9. Hands hold you steady. Upright. Breasts. Hair.
8. Burning. Stomach. Butterflies turning into ash.
7. Lips. Spread apart. Silky flesh gripping tight.
6. Ass. Quivering. Shaking. My body slapping it softly.
5. Groans. Moans. Ecstasy from deep down within. Bellowing loud.
4. Pulsating. Cock. Engorged head ready to explode.
3. Pulling free. Release you. Freedom.
2. Turned around. Sit upright. The bed. Wait. Not too soon.
1. Here it cums. My love. My sex. My liquid. My milk. Mouth open wide.
0. Explosion. Pouring. Covering your beauty. Dripping cum from your chin. Swallow. Lick.

Breathing. Normal once more. Falling down at your side.
Laying upon the bed. Naked. Exhausted. Sweaty.
Time to rest.
Until we do it again!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © (c) All stories are fantasy and original pieces of work by myself, John Doe. Many are inspired by other authors story ideas but never copied, as well as porn videos seen online.

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