Honeymoon Untouched

By SensualDesires83

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The profound prickles
Of sensual sin
Tease and tickle
As you gently
Send tangible tingles
Of pure pleasure
As your fathomable fingers
Trace over my skin.

Your beautifully balanced
Careful caresses
Taunts and teases
Over my body
Making heavenly heat
Simply soar
Through my raging ravenous
Whole being.

The tender togetherness
Of bodily basking
Culminates and choreographs
Our sexual dance
In exquisite elemental
Stylish sanctimony
Of blended blissful
Lasting moments.

The tantric thrusts
Of hip-hugging
Slapping and shoving
Ignites the tremors
Of nerve numbing
Pulsing pleasures
Readying explicit exit
Into one another.

The erotic elegance
Between loving lesions
Commences and completes
Two bodies overflowing
With fully filled
Romantic rhythms
Leaving memorable moments
Of the honeymoon untouched.