Hopelessly in Love

By LittleSister_

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Saturate me in your resonance and

Render me speechless.

Fill me with longing and

Render me motionless.

Take away my ability to sigh and

Render me breathless.

Capture my heart and

Render me helpless.

Do all this and let the flood tide roll

The dam burst open

The emotion like a tidal wave

Pouring out to drown me in its intensity

At the intensity you possess

Dropping me into that dark, still night

The connection alive and strong

The hesitant pause, the breath

Just breathe... in your presence

Where I hide my face behind my hands

And you steal the blush from my skin

Where I bury my head into my elbow

And you coax the smile from my lips

An age apart ... a world

A tiny worry of another life

The small doubt that tweaks at the mind

A dark twitch inside as

The universe

Giving a double edged gift

The gilt shard ... sharp and piercing

Like cupids arrow

Bringing us together

Only to keep us apart

A Fate so cruel

As our souls ache

And dream of moonlit cliffs

Redolent with unfolding petals

Of fragrant lust

And dancing eyes

Of ghostly visits

In the dead of night

To catch my fleeing form

And caress the line

Of my clenching jaw

Then you, only you...always you,

Forever you, can

Render me senseless

And hopelessly

In love...